This Aguilar GS 112 Bass Guitar Speaker Cabinet is Awesome!

by Jim Lee, author of FunkyChops

Ok, please keep in mind that when I'm talking about this speaker, I'm coming from a perspective of gigging with an 80-pound Genz-Benz 410 monster. Yes, I loved that beast, the tone was butter... it was just too bulky. It's the perfect cabinet for a bass player with a dedicated roadie...not me.

Anyway, this review is about the Aguilar GS 112 speaker cabinet for the electric bass guitar... so that's what I should be talkin' about: Well, let me just say that this bass speaker cab is awesome... I mean it, I'm a bass player like you, just trust me - it's awesome. Not just me either, the Bass Player magazine review of the Aguilar GS 112 ranked it as the best too.

This is why I think this Aguilar is awesome: 1) it is very lightweight, 2) it's solid, 3) most importantly, it sounds fantastic... it's perfect for rock, & my favorite, slapping. If you have a chance, try one of these out, you'll be impressed. Get two cabinets... use one for smaller gigs & use two for larger venues - the ultimate, portable rig. I'm sounding like an evangelist... ok I'm done.

Aguilar GS 112 Single 12
Aguilar GS 112 Single 12" Bass Speaker Cabinet