3 Secrets for Beginner Players Just Learning How to Play the Bass from the Beginning

Here's some advice that Will help you... three secrets that will help all beginner bass players boost their playing into another dimension. Whether you've just started playing, or you haven't even bought a bass and are just curious, the info below will help you. Trust me... my name is Jim Lee, my website is JimLeeMusic.com


1. Set-up your Bass Guitar

Setting-up your bass correctly can make all the difference in the world! A great set-up can make a cheap bass feel, play & sound like a million bucks. As a beginner, you may not feel comfortable setting-up your electric bass yourself... if so, pay a pro $50 or so for a set-up. Your bass will play better & you'll have more fun. Below is a great bass for beginner-pro.

2. Play Bass with a Drummer

Ask any experienced bass player "what's the fastest way to play better?" and they'll always say to play with a drummer. It's true, playing with a drummer can help you improve faster than without. Period. It's not always easy to jam with a drummer... below is a link to the QuickBeat Human Drummer V1, it's the next best thing.

Click for the QuickBeat Human Drummer


3. Play Bass Guitar by Ear

As well as learning theory & such, learn to play by ear... after all, music is an auditory art! Theory can never teach you how to groove... experience, practice & good ear skills will. Learn how to play bass lines just by listening to the audio instead of relying on tab (tablature notation) or music notation. Below is a link to FunkyChops, which is a downloadable slap bass video instruction that uses a learn-by-ear method.