Best Bass Guitar for Slapping

You want to know what the best electric bass guitar for slappin' is? Well, you've come to the right place. This page features the the undisputed champion of slap bass guitars.

Ask any bass player who knows, and they'll always say the same thing... the Music Man bass is the king of slap bass. Why? Many reasons... such as it was a pioneer funk machine with a massive soapbar humbucker pickup & active EQ. The bridge is rock solid, just like the bass... but most importantly, the Music Man has a cutting-n-edgy funk growl that really has a rubber-elastic slap tone. Often copied... wonder why? Music Man basses are often copied by cheaper companies, because people want them! If you buy a cheap rip-off that's what you'll get... an imitation sound from a poser bass. If you save-up to buy a Ernie Ball Music Man bass, you're getting a tone machine that's built like a tank in California, USA. Here's my tip to you, if you slap - own a musicman bass once in your life. You'll be glad you did... it's the best bass for the slap technique!

Music Man StingRay Bass Guitar
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MusicMan StingRay Bass Guitar