THE Best Bass Guitar for Beginners (& Pros too!)

by Jim Lee, author of FunkyChops Slap Bass Video

What's the best bass guitar for a beginner? What's a good electric bass guitar? I want to start playing bass...can you recommend a bass to buy? These are the some of the questions that often come-up in my journey as a bass instructor... so, I've decided to post this page. I hope it helps! Ok, so first off... the following is just my honest opinion. There is no such thing as a "best" bass... it's all relative. With that being said, below is what I consider the best electric bass guitar for beginners & my reasons - AND THE BEST BASS GUITAR FOR A BEGINNER IS... a Fender Precision!... also known as a P-bass. Below is a list of reasons why I chose this bass:

I would recommend a P-bass to my own Family. It's a quality instrument, excellent for beginners... yet pro-quality. It's a bass guitar that someone can grow into. I can honestly say that this could be the only bass you'd ever need & want. Imagine starting-out as a beginner & 15 years later Loving the instrument you learned on! It's a Fender Precision. Check-out the vintage P-basses on eBay... old Fender basses go-UP in value! I love 'em... an investment you can play. OK, if you believe me, here's some more advice - If you are serious about purchasing a Fender Precision bass, here are some considerations: There are many different models of P-basses... Squires, Deluxe, Lytes, etc... it can be confusing. Here's my bottom line; there are two P-basses to consider based on price: #1 The Standard Precision, #2 The American Precision

If you can afford it, the American Precision is the way to go. You will own an instrument that you'll be proud to play & own. If you can't afford an American Precision, then the Standard Precision is an excellent choice... it's the next-best-thing! Below is a link to purchase a Fender Precision bass guitar. I have purchased from them before & the service is excellent. If you buy it now, you'll receive free express shipping & a 45-Day satisfaction guarantee... that means if you don't like it, you can return it! I doubt you'll return it though. I hope this info helps you. Thanks, Jim Lee. Please visit my website,


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