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The FunkyChops Slap Bass Guitar Method

Not too long ago, I realized that most bass instruction was boring & very theory oriented....but, all I wanted to do was play funky slap bass now.

This is where the FunkyChops method comes in. This slap bass instruction was designed to be fun, informative... and most of all, simple. With FunkyChops, you'll develop your ear-playing skills while learning slap bass riffs.

This is how it's done

  • Audio & Video examples
  • Each riff is available in 3 tempos
  • No notation or tab (tablature)
  • Learning is done through exposure, repetition & practice
  • Special tips designed to help you learn new techniques

I created FunkyChops so people could learn slap bass riffs without theory. It's kind of like having a friend who plays slap bass. He or she plays a riff, and you say ''Cool! Can you play that again slower?'' Sure... the FunkyChops video plays the riff slower and you learn it by imitating. FunkyChops forces you to develop your ''ear-training'' abilities.

Benefit of Learning-by-Ear
Arguably, good ear-trained hearing ability is the most valuable asset as a musician. You have to ''hear well'' to be creative in what notes you do or don't play. I fully believe that hearing ability is directly related to your playing potential. Beginning bass players, this is my tip for you: develop your ''ear-playing'' abilities. Bass pros, I'm sure you'll agree through the wisdom of your experience that this is true.

"101 Funky Slap Bass Riffs, vol. 1"
Bass guitar instruction by Jim Lee.

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