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Free Slap Bass Guitar Tutorial

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Free Slap Bass Guitar Video Tutorial
Learn the basics of the slap bass technique from FunkyChops author Jim Lee.

Bass guitar players at Vintage Music Archive
Vintage bass guitars, gear & players.

Bass Guitar Parts, The Anatomy of a Bass
Photo diagram-chart with the names of the parts on a bass guitar.

The 'Best' Bass Guitar for Beginners
Some reasons why this bass is considered the best.

Practice Slapping with a Drummer
Playing with a drummer will make you better.

Beginning Slap Bass Tips
Just starting? Here's some tips from me to you.

A Great Bass Speaker Cabinet
Great sound. Great Portability... good price.

Bass Tabs

A great bass guitar preamp for studio
The Pro Channel by Schmitt and Oram.

Slap Bass Information
According to this guy: "Slap Bass originated in the 50's and 60's." I think people were slappin' uprights for some time... doesn't it seem that the first electric slapper had some groundwork laid? Here's a webage on Iowa States public server. Learn about how slap bass came to be.

Ernie Ball Forum - Which Bass to Slap
Some people discussing the best choice for a slap bass guitar. I, personally think any bass can be good provided that it has been set-up with new strings, low action & such.

Scam Warning - Read Before You Buy on eBay
Before you buy bass guitar gear or anything on eBay, you must read this. Be safe. Info is power.

A Webpage dedicated to the slap bass style
"as things progress, you'll understand how amazing slap is. Lessons, charts, tablature will soon be part ..."

Playing The Bass Guitar - Beginning Basics
Ways to hold the bass. Ways to play the bass. Info on equipment, technique & a little about the slap bass guitar style we love.

Basic slapping for bass guitar, slap techniques
Here are some lessons for learning how to slap the bass. This is in PDF format with audio samples too... hear the slap riff played.

Slap Sally Combo - Slap That Bass
The art of slapping the double bass is an innovation made in New Orleans. This webpage talks about slapping the upright bass.

Bass Guitar Information
All about the bass guitar & people like Stanley Clarke, Larry Graham, Geddy Lee of Rush, and Les Claypool of Primus.

Free Slap Bass Lesson
Here's a simple slap bass lesson you can do without a bass.

Slap Bass Guitar Answers
Answers to different slap bass guitar questions.

Slapping the Bass Guitar
from Wikipedia

In music, the term slapping is often used to refer to two different though related playing techniques on the double bass and on the (electric) bass guitar.

Double bass (acoustic upright bass)

On double bass it refers to the technique that is a more vigorous version of pizzicato where the string is plucked so hard it then bounces off the finger board, making a distinctive sound. Notable slap style double bass players have included Bill Johnson, Wellman Braud, Pops Foster, and Milt Hinton.

Electric Bass Guitar

On bass guitar it usually refers to a technique that consists of hitting a bass guitar's strings with the thumb of the strumming hand near the base of the guitar's neck, often combined with plucking the strings with the index or middle finger of the same hand.

Slap Bass History

Bassist Larry Graham is generally acknowledged as being the one who invented slapping and popping on the bass guitar in the late 1960s and early 1970s while playing bass guitar in the band Sly and the Family Stone, although some say that several bass players invented the technique at the same time.

The Slap Bass Guitar Technique

The slapping technique is used to achieve a percussive "popping" bass sound, which is one of the signature sounds of funk music. A bass guitar played using the slapping technique in a well executed way is almost per definition funky, although many funk bassists do not use the technique at all. (see Francis 'Rocco' Prestia of Tower of Power, Bernard Edwards of Chic, Jaco Pastorius, Paul Jackson of Herbie Hancock) Slapping is nearly always used in conjunction with popping, which is a technique in which a finger is hooked under a string and used to pull the string away from the bass guitar so that it slaps against the neck when released. Usually slapping refers to a playing style that combines both these techniques, i.e. slapping and popping also referred to as slap and pop. The unique sound of the slapping technique comes from the string hitting the fretboard with high force, and gives a much more percussive sound than regular fingering of notes with the strumming hand. The sound is also usually louder and more distinct than the sound of a bass guitar played using the usual finger style techniques. This feature combined with the fact that a bass guitarist using the slapping technique often looks quite spectacular has contributed to the popularity of the technique both with players and listeners. Critics point out that the technique is often merely used for show purposes, often detrimental to the musicality of the bass playing. This because the slapping technique in essence is considered as not being very hard to master, contrary to the slapping of melodic lines.

Slap Bass Technique Variations

There are numerous variants of the slapping technique, which extend the basic actions by including other percussive strumming techniques, such as adding hammered notes, and repeating slap and pop patterns to effectively produce the equivalent of a drumroll on the bass guitar (see Victor Wooten).

Some Slap Bass Guitar Players

A list of bass guitar players known for their use of slapping in their playing styles, with notable bands and/or artists they have worked with:
Larry Graham (Sly and the Family Stone, Graham Central Station, Prince)
Louis Johnson (Brothers Johnson, Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson)
Stanley Clarke (solo artist, Return to Forever, Chick Corea)
Marcus Miller (solo artist, Miles Davis, David Sanborn, Luther Vandross)
Doug Wimbish (Sugarhill Gang, Grandmaster Flash, Living Colour, Mick Jagger)
Mark King, (Level 42)
Les Claypool, (Primus)

A list of songs with slappin'

Graham Central Station - Hair (bass by Larry Graham on the 1973 'Graham Central Station' album)
Michael Jackson - Get On The Floor (bass by Louis Johnson on the 1979 'Off the Wall' album)
Stanley Clarke - Silly Putty (bass by Stanley Clarke on the 1975 'Journey to Love' album)
Sugarhill Gang - Funk Box (bass by Doug Wimbish on the 1982 '8th Wonder' album)
David Sanborn - Run for Cover (bass by Marcus Miller on the 1981 'Voyeur' album)

Slap Bass Guitar Technique is Fun

I like to slap the bass guitar... it's fun to do. I like it because it's a fusion between melody and percussive rhythm. I often like to think of slapping the bass as playing the drums on the bass. I find it often helps if you think of the thumb slaps as a kick drum and the finger pops as the snare hits. Thinking of slapping as playing the drums can open a whole new world of bass playing that can take a lifetime to explore. Best wishes & rock on! For more info, please visit

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